DIY O-Training

We offer “Do It Yourself O-Training” orienteering maps of the all the 8 Canary Islands (more than 35 maps) in several terrains: forest, urban, park… Some maps have orienteering permanent courses.

There are no control points or any other signage on the ground. If you want us to mark a course, design specific trainings or organize an event for your club or group … please contact us.

Click on each flag to know the map´s details and location.

Training Camps

We design orienteering training programs tailored to meet your needs. Recommended specially for clubs, national/regional teams and any other type of orienteering group.
  • Maps printed following competition standards.
  • Flexible duration of courses (1 day, several days...)
  • Different terrains (forest, urban, coast…)
  • Varied specific orienteering techniques: handrails, aiming off, attack points, catching features…
  • Tailored services: Sport Ident, catering, other sport disciplines (pool, bike…), etc.
  • Special training sessions for groups on request.
  • Combined to other activities: cultural tours, sports, outdoor activities, leisure…

“Let us know your needs”

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