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Conditions of participation



a) Making my registration in an event or other services of “Orientación Canarias – Limonium Canarias” implies a commitment to comply with the rules that regulate those services and competitions. In addition to the race rules, I accept the regulations and standards communicated by the organization.

b) I admit that I am solely and exclusively responsible for all my possessions and sports equipment during the development of the event and its collateral activities.

c) I affirm and verify that I am physically prepared and sufficiently trained for this competition and that I have passed the appropriate medical examinations. Being physically well prepared for the competition, I am in good general health, without suffering from illness, physical defect or injury that could be aggravated by my participation in said competition. If, during the competition, I suffer any type of injury or any other circumstance that could seriously harm my health, I will inform the Organization as soon as possible.

d) I agree to receive medical treatment at my own cost if necessary due to injury, accident and /or illness during the race. Therefore, I attend of my own free will and initiative, fully assuming the risks and consequences derived from my participation.

e) I allow the free use of my name and image taken during the competition in any publication or mass media. In case of being a minor, I will provide the parental authorization required by the organization for this purpose.

f) I exclude the organization, event directors, collaborators, sponsors and volunteers from liability of any responsibility or claim on my part. Including any direct or indirect damage or injury and cases of death. (Not applicable if the damage or injury is a reason for the bad action or negligence on the part of the organization).

g) I have sufficient physical capacity, technical dexterity and survival resources to guarantee my own safety, under the conditions of autonomy in which the competition takes place.

h) I know and agree to comply with the security standards and protocols established by the Organization for the event, as well as to maintain responsible behavior that does not increase the risks to my physical or mental integrity. I will follow the instructions and abide by the decisions made by those responsible for the Organization (judges, doctors and organizers) on security matters. I will help any other injured runner during the competition.

i) I authorize the Medical Services of the competition to perform any cure or diagnostic test that I may need, whether or not I am in a position to request it and I pledge to quit the competition if they deem it necessary for my health.

j) My bib number is personal and non-transferable so it cannot be worn by another participant or any person in my place.

k) I state that I know the Organization reserves the right to admit or not a participant, even having paid the registration fee (that would be returned to me in case of not being admitted)

l) I promise to follow the environmental protection standards and to collaborate with the Organization’s sustainability initiatives reported on the web.

m) The organizers reserve the right to change or modify any information regarding the competition or even cancel it due to force majeure, publishing it on the official website.


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