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POC – Permanent Orienteering Courses in Canary Islands

What is a POC (Permanent Orienteering Course)?

We offer you the opportunity of practicing orienteering in some of permanent circuits in the Canary Islands, being able to make courses with different levels and know about the cultural, heritage and tourist values of the different municipalities.

Orientación Canarias invites you to get to know the most beautiful corners of these municipalities of the Canary Islands completely free of charge, at any time, choosing the course that best suits your level and with the option of using a mobile APP (iOrienteering) that allows you to verify the control and know your time.

You can select the municipality where you would like to practise orienteering and get the information about each course, technical details, location, characteristics and you will be able to download the maps completely free of charge.

CPO's in Canary Island

Using iOrienteering App




  • Please, be careful and respect for the natural and urban environment is requested, as well as the use of litter bins and containers for dumping any waste.
  • Food scraps contribute to the proliferation of rodents and feral cats that pose a serious threat to wildlife.
  • Respect animals, flowers or plants. Avoid uprooting plants or disturbing or feeding animals.
  • Avoid collecting stones or any other element from the natural environment.
  • Respect and take care of the historical and cultural heritage, as well as the different elements of public furniture (information panels, railings, seats, lighting…).

Risk information:

This activity is not without risks, injuries may occur due to falls, strains, sprains, muscle fatigue as well as incidents related to the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Each user will be responsible for their own safety and for evaluating their physical and health condition (allergies to pollen and insects, etc.) to decide on their own to start the activity.

Road safety measures and caution with road traffic (vehicles, bicycles, etc.) must be take into account, as well as avoiding physical exercise in extreme weather conditions (high temperatures, heavy rains and winds that can cause tree branches to fall ).

To avoid dehydration, it is recommended to hydrate properly before and after exercise and carry a container of water.

In case of emergency call 112.