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June 4th – Valleseco 3 Valles-O 2023 (Long distance score orienteering in pairs)

The municipality of Valleseco and Orientación Canarias (by Limonium Canarias) welcome you to Valleseco 3 Valles-O, a long-distance score orienteering in pairs:

  • Women’s Race: Promotion: 1.5 hours. Advanced: 2 hours
  • OPEN: Promotion: 1.5 hours. Advanced: 2 hours.

In addition, during the event we offer free complementary promotion activities and services that will make you enjoy this day of orienteering in the middle of nature in Valleseco.

In this race each team will decide their course based on their strategy to achieve the highest number of points within the time established in their category. Each control has a different score according to its physical and / or technical difficulty.


NEW: In this edition we will release a new map with new areas, don’t miss it !




Stay tuned to this website and bulletin updates


June 4th 2023

  • Secretary time: 9:00 a.m.
  • 10:00 h – First start Advanced classes (OPEN and WOMAN RACE)
  • 10:30 am – Free promotion activities for children
  • 11:00 h – First start Promotion classes (OPEN and WOMAN RACE)
  • 13:45 h: Results
  • 14:00 h: Prize giving ceremony

Stay tuned to this website and bulletin updates


    • WOMEN’S RACE – ADVANCED (2 hours) – 2 women

    • WOMEN’S RACE – PROMOTION (1.5 hours) – 2 women

    • OPEN – ADVANCED (2 hours) – 2 men or man+woman

    • OPEN – PROMOTION (1.5 hours) – 2 men or man+woman



Entry deadline May 29- 2023

Fees to be paid in advance! Entry is valid only after it is paid to the account below:

IBAN: ES05 0081 1548 0100 0127 0028. BIC/SWIFT: BSABESBB
Bank: Sabadell
Owner: LIMONIUM. C/ José y María, 69. CP 35018 – Las Palmas de G.C.
Concept: “Valleseco + Name + Surname”
Send receipt to:



El Valleseco 3 Valles-O ha sido subvencionado por el Gobierno de Canarias

Gobierno Canarias - Deportes