La Palma Paradise Cup

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IMPORTANT: Due to the situation generated by the volcanic eruption on La Palma, this event may be modified (dates, place …).

NEW DATE: March 19th – 20th – 2022

  Updated information on the status of the volcanic eruption here.

La Palma Paradise Cup by Orientacion Canarias

Orientación Canarias (by Limonium Canarias) welcomes you to La Palma Paradise Cup 2021, 2 orienteering stages to enjoy and discover very special corners of La Palma by practicing your favorite sport on your holidays.

La Palma Paradise Cup 2021 consists of 2 stages:
    • Middle Distance Forest Race – El Riachuelo
    • Sprint Urban Race – Santa Cruz de La Palma
We offer you updated maps, beginers to elite classes, Sport Ident Card (SI 8 or upper) provided by organization if needed, live results…

We invite you to enjoy an Orienteering & Tourism weekend in the Paradise (the island of La Palma)

La Palma Paradise Cup by Orientacion Canarias


March 19th: Forest Race – El Riachuelo (El Paso)

March 20th:  Sprint City Race – Santa Cruz de La Palma



Entry deadline November 8th 2021

Fees to be paid in advance! Entry is valid only after it is paid to the account below:

IBAN: ES05 0081 1548 0100 0127 0028. BIC/SWIFT: BSABESBB

Bank: Sabadell

Owner: LIMONIUM. C/ José y María, 69. CP 35018 – Las Palmas G.C.

Concept: “LPA + Name + Surname”

Send receipt to:

(*) MW: Men and Women (same class)

(**) Registration “In Situ”: Registrations are allowed on the day of the race (even “in situ”) exclusively in the FAMILY-PROMOTION class (with an added cost) and without classification. To be guaranteed a map recommend web registration within the deadline


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