La Palma Paradise Cup

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La Palma Paradise Cup by Orientacion Canarias

Orientación Canarias (by Limonium Canarias) welcomes you to La Palma Paradise Cup 2021, 2 orienteering stages to enjoy and discover very special corners of La Palma by practicing your favorite sport on your holidays.

La Palma Paradise Cup 2021 consists of 2 stages:
    • Middle Distance Forest Race – El Riachuelo
    • Sprint Urban Race – Santa Cruz de La Palma
We offer you updated maps, beginers to elite classes, Sport Ident Card (SI 8 or upper) provided by organization if needed, live results…

We invite you to enjoy an Orienteering & Tourism weekend in the Paradise (the island of La Palma)

La Palma Paradise Cup by Orientacion Canarias


November 13: Forest Race – El Riachuelo (El Paso)

November 14:  Sprint City Race – Santa Cruz de La Palma



Entry deadline November 8th 2021

Fees to be paid in advance! Entry is valid only after it is paid to the account below:

IBAN: ES05 0081 1548 0100 0127 0028. BIC/SWIFT: BSABESBB

Bank: Sabadell

Owner: LIMONIUM. C/ José y María, 69. CP 35018 – Las Palmas G.C.

Concept: “LPA + Name + Surname”

Send receipt to:

(*) MW: Men and Women (same class)

(**) Registration “In Situ”: Registrations are allowed on the day of the race (even “in situ”) exclusively in the FAMILY-PROMOTION class (with an added cost) and without classification. To be guaranteed a map recommend web registration within the deadline


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